The Team

We are Sierra and Ruben, two travellers who met each other by accident while we were hiking in the Northern Mountains of Leon. Soon after our encounter, we took a quick decision, traveling together around the world to discover the globe. 

We are nature lovers, and our trip is focused on capturing nature landscapes and new cultures. We do not like traveling fast, so we do not have a date of return because just want to enjoy the ride.


Photographer & Audiovisual Producer

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The traveling dog



Marine Scientist & Interpreter

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The expedition vehicle

We decided to travel on a 4x4 camper van because it is the vehicle that better suits our lifestyle.

Bringing our own house and office everywhere we go is the best way to reach the most remote and isolated places 

It is not the perfect means of transport, but, does it exist? Maybe its imperfections make the trip a bit more interesting.

This Mercedes Sprinter 316 4×4 from 2010 is everything we could have imagined. It took us almost a year to choose this vehicle, and 6 months more to build our dream home on wheels. Now that we are traveling and living in it, we could not have asked for more.

If you would like to know all the details and features of our van, do not miss the Van Tour!
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