The Trip


Our main goal is to discover all the landscapes around the globe with our van. We are currently documenting the entire trip in two Youtube channels (in English and Spanish) and through our social media.


Our trip is divided in different stages, and there will be many more after these ones:

Stage 1: Canary Islands

This has been our initiatory trip, the one that has helped us to try a new lifestyle. We have tested our abilities sharing a small space between 2 persons and a large dog, and also, we have gained a lot of experience working in a van while traveling. It was a 5 months trip that allowed us to see the Canary wonders and beautiful landscapes.

Stage 2: El Hierro - Nordkapp

This was an epic trip to see the northern lights from the Norwegian Arctic. We have driven more than 3,500 km to see what the pure wilderness is, and how the Arctic animals live away from any human activity. The landscapes we have seen it is something we will never forget. If you would like to see the whole adventure, visit our Youtube channels and social media! All the additional content is uploaded to our Patreon channel.

Stage 3: Nordkapp - Georgia

This is stage has just started, but we have great expectations. Our huge goal is to see the Caucasian Mountains, but we do not know if we will be able to do so because winter is coming.

How to support us

This is a very common question we just to ask to ourselves in the beginning, how nomadic people can afford this kind of life?

We are currently earning our money from our individual online jobs and the help of our followers. We are not rich or have wealthy families, but have just decided to go for this adventure while taking many risks. Therefore, we need to create new content every week, but we do it happily because it is one of our greatest passions, and we hope to show it in every video and picture we take. Here you can see a video where we explain our incomes in detail.

You can help us and be part of our adventure in the following ways: