How to collaborate

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming part of our expedition around the world!

Our goal is to share our experience of traveling and exploring the unknown nature landscapes with you.

We know it is impossible to visit all the beautiful places across the world, but we want to see as much as possible and give you the opportunity to feel what we feel.

All the weekly episodes are FREE and available in our YOUTUBE channels, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, but we also create exclusive content for our closest community of PATREON.

PATREON is a website that allows us to create a community of sponsors that could help us continue creating content of our huge trip thanks to small monthly contributions.
These contributions are a great help to have some financial stability.

We share special information of our trip in PATREON, such as our location in real time, future plans, traveling advice, photographies, live broadcasts and a weekly PODCAST where we talk about everything that happened during the same week.

We have created different channels of collaboration to continue sharing what we like doing the most in the world. If you want to become one of our PATREONS or just like what we do and want to help us out, we will be forever thankful.


Our favourite formula

Become a producer of our videos!

Patreon is a collaboration platform for artists and creators. It works as a crowdfunding where you could give a small monthly contribution in exchange of certain benefits. You can check our Patron in the following link:


The most immediate and sporadic

You could help us with the expenses of fuel, dog food for Casimiro, repairs or unexpected situations.

You can do a direct and anonymous donation through Bizum or PayPal.

Bizum: +34 659 476 970

This is the Paypal link to donate with: PayPal

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